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COVID-19 Please ensure you are using the correct social distancing as advised by the government. Leave your paddock 5 minutes before your time ends to avoid meeting others waiting to use the paddock after you. Be kind. Be courteous. We are all in this together. Use Hand Sanitiser on your arrival and when you leave. One person to touch gates. Please follow government guidance on how many people can meet up at one time.


Here at the Dog Adventure Centre, we believe that every dog needs an opportunity to stretch their legs and every owner could benefit from the right environment to train in.

With that in mind, we have opened up our Dog Adventure Paddocks to members of the public, charities, and groups so that they can be used for Exercise and Training and of course Socialisation.

Paddock Hire

We have 5 paddocks available to hire each with 6ft height fences and gates. We have four larger and one smaller paddocks available. Paddock 2 is better suited for ‘Anti-Social’ Dogs as it has no direct fence to another paddock. Paddock hire costs as little as £7 for half an hour or £10 for an hour and you can book online using the link below.

We can also hire out the Dog Adventure Park for special events, groups etc so please just ask for more information.

Paddock Hire is available 7 days a week 365 days a year.

The Dog Adventure Paddocks can be found just off the A46 near Lincoln. LN6 4RR

Please book using the appointments below or alternatively you can book and pay at The Dog Adventure Centre, Little Thorpe Lane.

After booking a paddock you will need to call and/or text for the code to enter the paddocks on the morning of your booking or at the first availability on the day of your booking. Do not travel to the paddocks unless you have the code already. Paddock number is 07539072017

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