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Dog Daycare in Lincoln run by Dog Trainers & Behaviourists to ensure your dog gets the most out of their day!

Dog Daycare at the Dog Adventure Centre Lincoln is not just about letting your dog stay somewhere safe when you are at work. It is about allowing them the freedom to be a dog. At the Dog Adventure Centre your best friend can run and gallop in our paddock playing in the forts and running through the tunnels. They could even have a splash in the paddling pools or a play in the sandpit (summer time only)!

Each dog is treated as an individual and EVERY dog gets to stay in our home so that they can stay warm and dry on the cold and wet days! There are warm places for them to snuggle and huge beds for them to stretch out across! In the summer months the dogs get to play at the Dog Adventure Paddocks and have the time of their lives!

We encourage stability in the dogs lives and have structured play times, walk times (dependant on weather, age, condition etc) and sleep times so that they understand that life can be calm and fun at the same time!

We have a large Facebook following and that is where we tend to post most of our photos and videos of the daycare dogs in action but below you can see a selection of some of our friends having a great time!

Each and every dog attending daycare has to undergo a social assessment first (£15 to be put towards your first trial daycare) to ensure they are a suitable candidate and do not have underlying aggression or anxiety issues. Proof of vaccinations will be needed during the social assessment. Our Assessments are carried out by trained staff with experience of looking for behavioural problems.

Standard Daycare Package includes the option to Drop and Collect your Dog any time between 7.30am-7pm (8am-6pm Saturdays), play sessions in our play paddock, a wipe down before they go home and any food that needs to be given. The cost is £20.00 per day (effective 3rd June 2019)

Special Offer Package is identical to the Standard Package but you receive a discount when you have Dog Adventure Company Membership Card (Cost £10 per year) and you book 10 or more days in a calendar month and pay upfront. The cost would be £18.50 per day with a minimum of 10 days booked (effective 3rd June 2019)

Our Dog Adventure Paddocks are available to Hire so that you can exercise your dog in a safe and fun environment just click Paddock Hire in our Services to find out when they are available and to book.

To book your dog in for daycare you can use the Calendar below. Please note this Calendar is only to be used by clients who have had their dog assessed by us and we have agreed to have your dog. If you are in any doubt please contact us.

When using the calendar please make sure you fill in your details and your dogs details as accurately as possible as this is our database we use to make sure we are caring for your dogs in the best possible way. Details that are not up to date risk having their booking declined.

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