Dog Training

Training is a vital part of any dog and human relationship. Whether it be just understanding simple rules and boundaries or a comprehensive program of training, behaviour & socialisation we know we can help.

Puppy Courses

Steve our Head Behaviourist has designed all the courses @ The Dog Adventure Centre and is a specialist in dealing with anti-social and aggressive dogs. He has designed Puppy Courses that teach and guide owners how to get the best out of their puppy and to prevent them from being problem dogs in the future through knowledgable and fun interactive sessions. Steve has also designed a variety of interactive socialisation sessions where both dog and owner can learn how to interact with the world around them in a safe and fun way.

We have introduced a 4 week intensive course to suit your needs and your puppies development. Every week we hold a class that covers a specific area of Puppy Training.

Puppy Courses are always on Saturdays @ The Dog Adventure Centre

Next Puppy Course starts 3rd Novembr 3pm

Below is a rough guide to how the course runs but is subject to change.

1st Saturday of the Month – Core Commands, Handling Techniques, Problem Behaviours

2nd Saturday of the Month – Recall, Stay & Review

3rd Saturday of the Month – Heelwork, Recall & Review

4th Saturday of the Month  – Impulse Control & Socialisation. Graduation

Puppy Courses cost £65 and will have a maximum of 6 dogs to ensure the quality of the training. Email & phone support plus a welcome pack.


Training Workshops (12pm every Saturday) LN6 4RR

Rather than classes we have created a series of workshops that directly focus on the 4 main elements owners tend to struggle with, Basic Obedience, Recall, Leadwork & Socialisation.

Every week there is a different workshop to get involved in to help you reenergise your training. Each workshop lasts 2 hours and costs £20 and you can have two people attend. You can pay £5 per extra handler. You can get a discount if you decide to attend all 4 workshops.



Socialisation & Training Walks

Designed to provide dog owners with a structured walking environment that enables the dog to learn to be around other dogs without reacting or causing stress. In a very short amount of time your dog can learn to accept other dogs in their close proximity allowing both you and the dog to have the confidence to have an enjoyable walk.

Because everyone on the walk is there for the same reason you will find that no one will judge you for having a problematic dog and you also have the added bonus of a professional on hand to help if things get a little tricky for you.

Socialisation walks take place

Saturday at 9.00am at Whisby Nature Reserve

Tuesdays at 11.00am at Whisby Nature Reserve

All socialisation walks are £5 and payable in block booking of 10 Sessions.
All dogs must have had a Socialisation Assessment or 121 session at the Dog Adventure Centre to attend (£15)

Puppy Socialisation

In order to prevent dogs from becoming anti-social we have designed our Puppy Socialisation Sessions on Saturday afternoons to allow puppies to learn how to play and interact with each other without causing stress and reducing the unknown factor when out on dog walks. Each session is structured and involves on lead and off lead time and the area is secure and fenced in.

Sessions run every Saturday at 10am. Each session costs just £5 and is suitable for puppies under 6 months old. If you are interested in joining us then please get in touch.

1-2-1 Training

At the Dog Adventure Centre we believe that ALL issues can be resolved. They just require a calm, positive and knowledgable approach.

We have trained dogs on a 121 basis for over 10 years and feel confident in dealing with any problem that is presented to us. The advantage of training on a 121 basis is the ability for the trainer to impart a huge amount of information in dealing with a particular problem you may be having. 121’s are suitable for anyone who needs to get hands on help with sorting a problem out. The problem may be simple such as a bit of Heelwork or it may be something a bit more serious. Either way we can help either at the Dog Adventure Centre or in your own Home depending on the problem itself. 1-2-1 Training takes place Thursdays, Fridays & Saturdays. Other days can be arranged with early notice.

121 Sessions cost £50 per hour at the Dog Adventure Centre (Save £5 by becoming a Member)

121 Sessions cost £135 in your own Home and will last around 2 hours

A Day with a Trainer in Your Home

One of the biggest problems with dog training is consistency. That is why the team here have developed a training programme that will deal with every facet of your lifestyle with your dog. From Diet, Nutrition, Exercise, Sleeping Arrangements, Boundary Setting, Problem Behaviours as well as a variety of commands. The importance of having a calm and relaxed dog at home can not be understated. Your dog should feel relaxed and confident in its own home and with a Trainer in your own home for 6-8 hours we can set you up for life with relaxed dog.

You will have full access to our extensive Behavioural & Training knowledge throughout the entire day and the whole family unit will work to train the dog to help them become a calm and relaxed member of the household.

A Day with a Trainer in your own home costs £350 and lasts about 6 hours. If you would like any more information please do get in touch.

Residential Socialisation

A Residential Stay is designed to give a boost to your dogs socialisation skills as well as some formal training. Your dog will live and stay with us and our dogs learning how to behave in a home environment and how to deal with everyday changes such as meeting and greeting.

A Residential Stay is ideal for those dogs who struggle to deal with meeting other dogs and would benefit from controlled and relaxed socialisation on an everyday basis. The stay is just for the Dog not for Humans. This is a popular option and often fills up quickly

Price on Application. Prices start from £350 per week

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